about me

My name is Máiréad and I love to write.

I’ve been blogging since I received my very own domain name for my birthday back in 2003, and my cupboards are full of old diaries, travel journals and the odd unfinished novel or two.

I am an established freelance writer on topics as varied as popular culture, food, humanitarian issues, health and wellbeing, books and world travel.

I am a grammar nut who collects photographs of stray apostrophe’s.

I am passionate about food, so much so that I had to start a separate blog about that.

Welcome to my way with words.

My world of work

My food blog

My dive blog page

My Upwork page


3 thoughts on “about me

  1. Hello ,
    been really worried about you and Topcat with all the tales of grief , hardship and loss of life with these fires. The news has been really horrifying , cannot help but feel sorrow for the affected people.
    Hope you guys are doing as well as can be expected. Sent a mail to topcat but no reply as yet. Take care ..lov Gouki.

  2. Hi Mairead,

    I am a reporter with the Irish Echo paper in Sydney. I would love to speak with you about your work and time in QLD during the floods. If you are happy to have a chat just drop me an email with suitable time to contact you and I will be in touch


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