Things I miss

Things I Miss About Ireland

Decent sausages, bacon and white pudding.

Countless radio stations that play songs I actually recognise.

Coming home from a night out at 3am and finding the streets packed with cars and people.

The country shutting down for a huge celebration for every bronze medal won in the Olympics.

The way the landscape changes with every mile.

Seafood chowder on every lunch menu.

Doheny and Nesbitt’s pub.

Dunnes Stores, better value, beats them all, every day.

Knowing that every café and restaurant knows how to make decent tea.

Being surrounded by really, really old things like stone forts, round towers and stone circles and not really thinking too much about it.

Knowing my way around everywhere without a map.

Things I Miss About England

Radio 2 and Radio 4.

Free wifi. Bloody everywhere.

Television for proper grown-ups, including the ads.

The smell of the tube stations and the distinctive sound of the Jubilee Line.

The sheer number of people everywhere.

Frazzles, Eccles cakes and good Caribbean food.

Supermarkets whose shelves and stock still feel more familiar to me than any in Australia.

Ordering a glass of wine in a bar and being asked “Large or small?”

Walking down the street as part of a mixed-race couple, and not being given a second glance.

The pinks, blues and purples of the Olympics everywhere.

Knowing my way around everywhere without a map.

Things I Missed About Australia

Being able to drink decent water straight from the tap.

A better choice of wines by the glass.

A larger shoe collection.

Water pressure in the bathroom.

Predictable weather patterns.

Breakfast at Café le Chien.

2 thoughts on “Things I miss

  1. Frazzles !!! I thought i was the only person in the world that liked Frazzles. I assume all glasses of wine in Australia are large by default ? The one thing I did observe is that there are twice as many things on your lists for Ireland and England than Australia. Is that significant ?

    1. Actually all glasses of wine here are 175ml by default. I was here about a year before I realised everybody ignored my requests for “a large glass” of whatever!
      Yes, both Orlando and I miss Frazzles, and also Chipstix and Skips. But bacon, as always, comes first.
      It was good to get home to our own bed and our own bathroom and more than one suitcase of clothes, but we both miss Europe so much and it’s hard to have an unbiased view of things right now. That’s probably why the lists were so unevenly balanced….

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