feeling helpless

After a weekend of reading increasingly depressing articles about Ireland’s economic status, I wonder what I can do to help from here. Nothing much of course, unless I decide to move back there and help with the dig-out.

But it is the Christmas season, and it is estimated that there are over a million Irish-born people living outside Ireland. What if each of us spent a little money with Irish-owned companies to send Christmas presents home to our loved ones? Of course, you could always forget Christmas shopping and buy nice little somethings for yourself, like jewellery or a new book. Most of these websites deliver internationally.

Here are some of the Australian Doyle family favourites. They do a lot of damage to our credit cards, but they might do a little bit to help the Irish economy if we all spend $50 or $100 with them this Christmas.

www.dunnesstories.ie – the place to buy everything affordable, from clothes to homewares to food and wine. Send a gift token or have half a dozen bottles of wine delivered. Proudly Irish-owned.

www.kilkennyshop.com  – Ireland’s largest emporium for Irish-designed products. Louis Mulcahy pottery, Belleek china, Waterford crystal, Newbridge silverware, and so much more.

www.avoca.ie – An Irish family-run business selling wonderful clothes, textiles, ceramics, and lots more. And if you’re going home for Christmas, pop into to one of the Avoca Handweavers cafes – fantastic fresh food.

www.newbridgesilverware.com – For 70 years they were the place to buy cutlery sets for newly-weds. Now they lead the way in Irish-made jewellery, accessories, gifts, kitchenware and interiors. A personal favourite of the Doyle women.

www.easons.ie – Around since the early 1800s, Dubliners around the world know and love Easons. A great place to buy Irish books not always available to us locally.

What are your favourites?

One thought on “feeling helpless

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    Ruby Anne

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