health kick diary 2010 – take two

A couple of months I was feeling great. Hour-long power walks by the beach most days and good healthy eating before our holiday meant I was trim, full of energy and ready for an active trip to Laos. Three weeks of backpacking, locally-cooked food, little alcohol and miles and miles of walking every day meant that (as usual) I came back from holiday even healthier and lighter than I’d gone.

Then the clocks went back. Then the days got shorter and shorter. Then it started to get cold. I went into hibernation mode.

The month of May has seen me working from all over the country, eating mediocre hotel food and getting no exercise at all. Red wine seems to suit these winter nights, and it’s hard when I am at my own office not to enjoy a tasty curry laksa at lunchtime. My takeaway-food eating has spiralled. In one week alone recently I ate Indian food three times and Pizza Hut pizza once (a large pizza all to myself).

I gave myself until yesterday to get used to the fact: the health kick diary is back.

I have three weeks before having to fit into summer clothes back in Ireland and I’m back on the wagon. No matter that I will be spending just as much time in hotels and that it will be cold and dark by the time I get home in the evenings. I’m going to make a few changes.

Back to homemade healthy curries, full of winter vegetables and hearty goodness. Back to spicy vegetable-packed stir-fries with maybe an egg cracked on the noodles before serving. Back to turning right out of the office to the beautifully cooked homemade soups of Tre Sette, and no turning left to the noodle shop. As little red wine as I can manage, and certainly a minimum of four no-alcohol days a week.

Let’s see how it goes.

One thought on “health kick diary 2010 – take two

  1. Katharine Haines gave me this perspective:

    “The only thing that saves me from being the size of a house given how greedy I am (and this applies any time of year really) is simply to eat reasonably sized portions. England seems to be going the way of America in terms of supersized portions, and we’re getting fatter as a nation too, so I’m seeing a link there. Yes to seasonal wholesome food too, but don’t obsess. Plenty of walking rather than using the car for short trips helps me too.

    I read in a magazine recently the following, which sums it all up for me – “Eat food, not too much, mostly vegetables”. Chocolate is a sort of vegetable in my world……”

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