road deaths

OK, I know I said I would stop with the statistics, but this one was on my mind.

In the UK in 2008, 2,538 people were killed in road incidents.

In Ireland, the number killed in the same year was 279.

In the whole of Australia in the same period, 1,464 people were killed in road incidents.

In all statistics, this includes drivers, passengers, pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists etc.

So per head of population, you are almost twice as likely to get killed in a road traffic incident in this country as in the UK. As a scooter rider in Melbourne, this does not surprise me in the least.

Interesting that the death rate in Ireland and Australia is so similar. I wonder if this is to do with the rural population, who might take more chances with speeding, drink driving etc. because the police presence will be lighter? My gut tells me this is something to do with drink driving but I will have to investigate further.

I would also love to compare road deaths involving or caused by novice drivers, but it seems that will take a bit more digging to find comparable statistics.

  Population Road Deaths 2008 Average per 100k pop.
UK 61,000,000 2,538 4.2
Ireland 4,150,000 279 6.7
Australia 21,000,000 1,464 7.0

One thought on “road deaths

  1. Crikey, you know how to cheer the readers up !! Fascinating stats though. Would be interesting to see what they look like for India, provided you filter out the deaths to various types of livestock.

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