health kick diary 2010

It seems it is exactly a year since I posted a serious Health Kick Diary posting. I have been sitting here contemplating my big belly, wondering where all the Christmas gourmet food and fine wine has gone, and considering how best to remove at least 3kg (half a stone) from my middle bits.

The only upsides are that:

  1. This belly is very valuable as it is made up of the best of food and wine money can buy
  2. It could have been worse, as I was power-walking a good hour almost every day during the Christmas break, so I am still on the front foot.

So, back to WeightWatchers At Home, measuring food, logging every mouthful. I have marked my Waterford Crystal John Rocha wine goblet with a permanent marker showing where 175ml is, so I can watch every mouthful of the red stuff. Apart from the complete blow-out at yum cha (dim sum for you northern hemisphere people) yesterday, it has not been a bad three days. I am ready for this.

Looking back at last year’s post, the aim is the same:

Good simple fresh food cooked from scratch, no ridiculous-sized portions. Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Lots of T2 herbal detox tea (it tastes great hot and cold). Low salt, low refined sugar. Lots of barbecuing and salads in the sunshine.

I shall add a codicil this year:

Cull the wardrobe, hide the outfits that don’t look amazing on me, and continue to make the most of what I’ve got in the meantime. I can still be fabulous-looking by maximising those curves!

I think I feel a pedicure/manicure coming on…..

And a trip to the hairdressers.

And a spa day.

What the hell, it’s 2010.

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