Portrayal of women in Good Health magazine

From: Mairead Doyle

Sent: Sunday, 18 October 2009 6:56 PM

To: Good Medicine

Subject: Good Health November 2009 issue

Hi there – Just bought the November issue of Good Health – it was my first time but I was tempted by the pedometer.

The one thing that struck me as I read through your magazine is that every single photo you used was of a fair-skinned Caucasian woman. The only exception to this was a single dark-skinned man in an ad from Grants of Australia.

In my experience as a Melbourne-dweller, this is not at all representative of Australia’s cultural or racial make-up, and the striking absence of any other race throughout the magazine made me wonder if this was a deliberate move on your part.

Surely the models presented to you for selection would include at least a small number of those from other races? And surely your magazine would seek to look like the women you are trying to reach? A smattering of beautiful women from other races would improve your magazine and probably your circulation too – bring on some more photos of fabulous women of Asian, Polynesian, African and Latina descent.

Regards Máiréad Doyle

From: Good Medicine

Sent: Monday, 19 October 2009 4:12 PM
To: Mairead Doyle
Subject: RE: Good Health November 2009 issue

Dear Mairead,

Thank you for your email, we always appreciate feedback from our readers.

Because we source models from photo agencies and don’t often cast models ourselves, our selection can be limited. Though I can assure you that we have used multi-racial women in previous issues and we will continue to do so whenever we can.

I do agree that women from all races are beautiful and fabulous and we love we love seeing them on our pages

Again, thank you for your feedback.

Warm regards,

Catherine Marshall



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