fire, flood and pestilence

As you know, I work for Emergency Services in Red Cross. This was a typical summer’s day at work for me:

Since last week we have been tracking tropical storms across northern Queensland which have been wreaking havoc and dumping more rainwater in a day than some European countries see in a month.

With the hot weather here in the south, we have Victoria activated as part of a “Heatwave Response Plan”, as well as a couple of train crashes.

Meanewhile in South Australia not too far from Adelaide, a bushfire is threatening some houses and a fish factory (I kid you not), however a cool change is due in the next hour which, if the fire is not contained, will actually push the fire into the town of Port Lincoln. 

Queensland (as usual) has no fire but lots of flood water. The State Disaster Committee is meeting almost daily, but it is all under control so far.

I was just thinking that all we need is a plague of locusts and we have the whole biblical shooting match… and then I got an email advising of a “very real threat” of a locust plague in the far north of Victoria.  Apparently these are the hatchlings from the egg-layings just before Christmas. The “hoppers” as they are known, will sprout their wings in the next two week and, if not eradicated, will infest the whole of Victoria in days. 

What a country.


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