very lazy day

Get up without being jolted into consciousness by an alarm clock.

Have a leisurely coffee with Orlando.

Drive fifteen minutes on empty roads (note to northern hemispherieans: summer holidays) to one of the best day spas in Australia, right in the city centre.

Sip on a cup of posh green tea with Lee whilst filling in obligatory paperwork.

Undergo serious, unsophisticated, painful remedial massage that almost makes you cry – but it was what I ordered.

For the record, Lee’s massage was the best she ever had…

Change into swimsuit and comfy towelling robe.

Pick lounger by the pool and browse room service menu.

Order lunch and glass of wine.

Lie back and gossip some more.

Watch nice staff member set out silver service lunch table and serve food.

Lunch on linguini marinara and a nice glass of local red.

Go back to lounger and flick through paper.

Gossip some more.

Have a nice swim in the pool.

Finally get up the energy to leave and go for long power walk by the river listening to George Benson.

Get home around 7pm and have dinner served by aforementioned Wonderful Partner.

Ain’t life tough?

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