culture shock 3 – food

Three years in, and my perspective of Australia has changed a little.

The main change was that I started to obsess so much about food that I started my own food blog:

Enough said.

Party pies would rate as a favourite Aussie food of mine – certainly one of the things I would miss the most if we left.

We now have our very own breakfast haunt – Cafe le Chien in Seddon is run by Andy, a bloke from Warrington who serves up the best scrambled eggs in the Inner West. He also plays excellent music on a Sunday morning: ska, the Stranglers and other stuff we actually recognise.

Eric also introduced us to Babble On Babylon, a Jamaican cafe which does a mean Jamaican breakfast complete with ackke and saltfish, and great coffee.

My friend Charmaine at work is a food writer, and has introduced me to some of the stalwarts of the Melbourne Slow Food world.

And I have become the go-to guy if you want to know where to eat tonight…


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