red cross ball 2008

May 2008 saw yet another succcessful Red Cross Gala Ball in full swing. This year’s theme was A Night of Latin Rhythm. How could we resist?

In true girly style I spent more time getting ready for the ball – hair, manicure, massage, etc. – than we spent at the ball. But isn’t that half the fun, especially on a cold and wet winter’s day?

We enjoyed the energetic movements of the capoeira dancers, the explosive Brazilian rhythms, percussion and  voice of Tumbarumba, the fabulous floorshow of Katumba Latin Dance Group and the vibrant and energetic performance  of Vatos Locos.


More than $100,000 was raised thanks to the generosity of guests, who bid ferociously on a great range of silent and live auction items. Orlando threw his hat into the ring for some beautiful jewellery for me, but sadly was pipped to the post. Damn!

The ball was masterminded by my pal Peter Moran, The Man With The Longest Job Title In The World: his full title is:  Senior Manager Marketing, Communication, Fundraising, International Humanitarian Law, and Trauma Teddies (I may be joking about the last bit – or maybe not).

peter moran

He looked dashing, colonial, and only slightly like The Colonel or The Man From Del Monte in his cream suit and fablous gerbera. Actually we all know that the real work was done by Tam and Zan, our Fundraising Officers Extraordinaire who jointly pulled off the Best Dressed Lady Award even though they had about seven minutes to get ready, and walked around with clipboards all night. They are legends.


A fabulous night was had by all and we shall certainly be on the invite list again next year.

mairead orlando red cross ball 2008


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