yet another new job

So, one year after starting a job with Red Cross in Victoria, the blokes at National Office poached me and now I work in the National Emergency Services team.

Best news is – no staff! I am an autonomous individual working for a pretty enlightened boss in a small team (four of us) of similarly high-functioning individuals. Marvellous.

I am still in the same building (with no Executive Parking Space, no PA and no door on my new office/workspace) but I do have a big window, plenty of daylight, and my sanity back.

Me new role is National Coordinator (Operations) for domestic Emergency Services. That means I get to consolidate the emergency operations of all the states and territories, who have been operating separately up to very recently, developing processes, procedures and protocols, and generally helping to put manners on things. With my bossiness and love of spreadsheets, it’s a perfect match.

I also get to travel a bit more around Australia. Within two days of starting the new job I was off to BrisVegas for a week to hang out with the Queensland crowd and help them with their annual planning.

I love going to work every day and I’m excited about the next few months. I work with a great crowd in a fantastic organisation. What’s not to like?


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