mr. brady

Out of the blue I got an email from my old Maths teacher Mr. Brady from the Holy Faith. Mick was not only the Honours Maths teacher in the school, but he also ran after-school computer classes and did the music for the school plays. He was the one who got me thinking about computer programming as a career (although it turned out I am way too extreme an extrovert to spend so much time in an introverted profession) and he even invited me along to do extra-mural courses in computer programming in Trinity College during school holidays. 

He was also a passionate musician, and when we put on the rock musical “The Children of Lir” in school one year (I played Lir – well I was pretty much the tallest one who auditioned) he and his band did all the music.

I kept in touch with him and his family all the way through university and beyond, but we lost contact maybe around the time I went travelling. Lucky for me, he was browsing through an old address book and Googled my name. That’s the great advantage of having your own website!

Anyway he has now retired from teaching and has spent the last year or so recording an album. There aren’t many people I know who actually do that so naturally I bought it. You can hear excerpts from the album on his website, and there is a great video on YouTube too. If you were in the Holy Faith anytime around the early 80s you will definitely recognise him, even if he is a bit more silver-haired than he was back then.



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