stringy knickers

Somebody sent me this article from the local broadsheet:

And it got me thinking (as a dedicated VPL-avoiding string-wearer):

What are the undies of choice for the 21st-century woman, and why?

Are you still a firm (in conviction at least) g-string girl?

Or have you converted to boy-leg?

Do you favour the Bridget Jones Big Knicker or a more conventional high-leg M&S-type brief?

Have you stuck with the bikini brief or kanga all these years?

When – if ever – would you choose to go commando?

What does the man/woman in your life prefer and why?

I thought: this may be even bigger than the Sandwich Question!

So I sent am email out to all my girlfriends, asking them to reveal their undies, and this is what they wrote.

Anybody else got anything to say? Blokes, what are your views?


I am still a believer (and wearer) of the Bonds cotton g’s (or mini g’s). They can’t be beat.  They are far superior to any other g on the market; comfortable, cute and practical.

Boy legs slide up my bum, but maybe that is because I don’t have one?  I don’t find them comfortable as they always want to bunch up my crack.

I think that everyone has at least one pair of Bridget Jones Big Knickers. Maybe you bought them for that “one” dress that was a little TOO clingy???? You know what I am talking about.  We don’t like to admit it but we all wanted to have smaller hips, perkier bottom or slender thighs (you know the full bike pant type of pull all in) and bought those BIG undies!

And as for commando…… That is just a yucky thought in general……..


What an interesting question.

Bizarrely until I had my 2nd daughter (2 years ago) I was a fervent G string girl but I think my body must have changed cause they are just so uncomfortable now!

So sadly, until I finally reach my target weight (or I just stop being in denial about this being my “comfy” weight) I am in M&S comfy cotton standard pants.  I do wear them a couple of sizes too big but that suits.

Boy pants are just so not me – I have hips!

I did for 4 weeks, nearly 2 years ago own and wear what I can only describe as Granny knickers but my caveat here is that I was recovering from a  c-section and needed seriously “big” pants to avoid the scar!  Sad thing was they were really comfy but were thrown the minute I had recovered…..

I also own a pair of (for those in UK) Trinny & Susanna style flesh coloured/hold-you-in/no-vpl shorts-style pants for those clingy dress situations.

Not one for going commando but my 5-year old would do at the drop of a hat!


Now this is what I like to see being discussed on email………..real conversation topics! No bad luck if you don’t forward it on etc….

I once knew a women with a very saggy behind, she swore by G-strings for every ocassion. After years of watching gravity take its toll on her I came to the conclusion that it was a lack of cotton support that may have sped up the sagging process and  immediately threw all my G’s away.

I now choose a different variety of supportive briefs for various situations.

There are the monthly oldies that are all about comfort and their ability to stretch.

Then there’s the boy leg for those tighter pants that have a tendancy to exentuate my untoned backside. The boy leg firms up the look of this region and provides a smooth visual line, no bulges!

Then there is the Victoria Secret semi briefs that are for evening apparel they can go under a nice little dress or pair of pants, they’re the after 5 version of underwear!

Never do I desire to use my clothes as underpants hence my decision to avoid commando, also, being anaphalactic and ocassionaly ending up in hospital (totally unexpected) I would rather die than have get carted off in an ambulance without my underpants on…!


What a fabulous question and one that many a psychology thesis could be written on!

I was a committed G wearer for many years until I had my little one and all those ladies who have had stitches will know what I mean when I say it takes bravery to put them back on afterwards.

Now I have a range of underwear depending on my mood/what I am wearing/the weather.  But never never would I go commando, that was something we giggled about at school so I think a woman in her late thirties going commando is a bit “mutton” (dressed as lamb) and quite frankly an arrestable offence.

Interestingly I do own some marriage savers or “bridget jones big pants” but they do make me feel like I’m encased in stretchy bandage and so they are only really saved for those occasions when I’m too bloaty or the dress is too clingy.


Well now. Interesting topic. Bet this would cause some stir as a work mail-shot!

Hmmm. G-strings? Nah. Hate em. So uncomfy. Will wear them only under the odd tight pants, which I don’t tend to wear at the moment anyway because my behind is quickly entering the zone where it qualifies as geography.

I have never in my life worn boy legs – just wouldn’t feel feminine to me. I do own SOME Bridget Jones type pants but don’t really like to wear them except when you need to feel covered.

No – for me it’s the conventional M&S high-leg in black or white cotton, usually. I have made a foray into the area of bikini briefs but like another girl in this list, I had a caesarean 19 months ago now (my doesn’t time fly) and believe it or not it’s still uncomfy to have anything rub against the scar. Plus there’s that little “overhang” – you mums will know what I mean! That needs to be kept tucked in and out of sight!

As for my lovely husband, I’ll leave it to him to let you know what he prefers!

Commando? Ugh. Nasty.

One thought on “stringy knickers

  1. Wow. How did I miss this fantastic piece of journalistic excellence when it first hit the streets? And no comments in response MD. you must have been distraught. No Walkley for you.

    So as a bloke, what sort of comment are you seeking from me? Are you seeking comment on the respective responses from your correspondents? Or maybe have a guess at their identities, based on the responses (and my sneaky glances at their arses in the halls of power (oh be still you feminists at large, it’s a joke)?

    Or are you seeking feedback on my choice of underwear? If so, I can confirm I stopped wearing g-strings about 30 years ago. And I love commando! ;-))))))

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