twenty years a-growing

In June 1987, a seriously dodgy-looking crowd stood together in the sunken gardens behind Earlsfort Terrace and the National Concert Hall, to have our last ever photo together.

Recognise anybody: perhaps even yourself?

The eagle-eyed amongst you will see:

– Joe Dalton in the front row (great moustache even then)

– Michael Ward and Denis Ferry in the centre at the back

– a young and fresh-faced Mairead right beside them in black and white

Costello is not there as (this is absolutely true) he was still in the library trying to finish his final year project only two months late.

Paul Curran and Conor Byrne are not there as this is the Mech class and they were Elec/Elec.

Can’t see Colin McDonnell – here Colin, were you in the pub already or what?

Twenty years later a handful of us got together for dinner just around the corner in the Unicorn restaurant. There were one or two faces missing.

Michael Ward now lives in the USA with his wife Kris, and is some big shot in PepsiCo.

Costello is still living with wife Aly and children Ryan and Kara in Maidstone, and runs his own business despite not being able to graduate back then without the serious help of me and Joe.

Conor Byrne is still in the Dublin area with wife Jackie and (at last count) two beautiful children. Conor, please get in touch – the email address I have for you is dead.

Denis Ferry lives with wife Lizzie and children Sam, Eilis and Roise back in his home village of Derrybeg where he works as a consultant.

Manu is a serious player in Silicon Valley, USA, managing to run his own software development company whilst holding down a directorship in another. He lives with his wife Yasuko and two impossibly beautiful children.

And as for those of us who did attend:

Paul Curran Ph.D. never quite escaped the School of Engineering, where he works to this day.

Joe Dalton never quite escaped the ESB (except for a few glorious years at Guinness) and has five children with his amazing wife Elva (both above).

Colin McDonnell also managed to stay fairly close to home in Tullamore with new wife Susan (pictured above beside me) and adorable daughter Naomi.

And as for me… well if you are reading this page you already know more than you need!

Please send this to anybody else you recognise in the above photo – I would love to hear from everybody.

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