week 10

My motivation levels peak in week 10. After rediscovering my enthusiasm for exercise at the WW meeting, I go walking almost every evening after work to make the most of the evening sunshine before the clocks change.

On Friday I have a seriously indulgent day though: my farewell lunch at MAS was yum cha (as they call dim sum over here), followed in the evening by a feast at Bok Choy Tang, a beautiful Chinese restaurant in the city. Even restraining myself as best I could, I consume pretty much my daily allowance at lunch, and double my allowance overall. A leisurely walk in a tropical rainstorm late at night to pick up the car didn’t really make for serious exercise, but it is the only day of the week that I indulge.

We have a lazy Saturday, which is good as the weather has turned horrible (but not before I got enough sunshine for my beach walk in the early morning). The clocks change on Saturday night and from here on in we have sunset at 6.30pm or earlier. My evening walks are almost over.

Monday is Body Pump night so Orlando and I go along for our weekly weights session. Tuesday I get home early enough to get to the beach for my walk in the unusually warm evening sunshine. I am feeling fantastic with all this exercise, and coupled with sensible eating most of the week I am pretty confident about reversing my 0.4kg gain last week, and maybe losing a bit more into the bargain.

By Wednesday I have finished working at MAS and can’t make it across town to my usual WW meeting which is right beside work. I drop into the local Footscray meeting on Wednesday evening after a long delicious lunch date. But still I am confident.

When the lady tells me I have lost 1.6kg I almost fall off the scales. This daily exercise regime really worked! Ten weeks in, and I am 65.5kg. I have exceeded my goal weight by half a kilo, and I am two weeks ahead of my original timetable.


We celebrated with a vintage bottle of Domaine Chandon, naturally (1.5 points per glass).


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