week nine

The challenges continue in week 9.

The early part of the week pans out great: I make healthy choices for each meal, including my own vegetable curry in the evenings. The exercise end of things is falling down though: no body pump on Wednesday, although I manage a leisurely stroll (in high heels) to the local shopping mall one lunchtime. Not ideal.

Friday evenings are often an excuse to blow out on something tasty for dinner, but I head off all temptation by preparing some delicious fillet steak and fresh vegetables for dinner – and just one glass of wine. So far, so good.

Saturday is St. Patrick’s Day. My intentions start well, and I control my food intake during the day: I am planning to eat my very first pizza at dinner and I don’t want to have to hold back. Between the last of my daily points, and the points I have saved up during the week, I have the princely sum of 27 points to play with. Superb.

At dinner, again I make great choices: mussels to start, with half a piece of sourdough bread. I sip my wine graciously instead of knocking it back. My pizza – a medium one for once in my life – has a seafood topping, hence no cheese. I savour every mouthful. It is divine. No dessert for me as usual, so maybe I get a little more generous with the wine.

Then we invite everybody back to our house. Five bottles of green bubbly later (food colouring, since you ask) it is 5.30am and I reckon I have put away one of those bottles all by myself.

The hangover on the Sunday is miserable but I still head for my WeightWatchers cereal and fresh fruit for breakfast. That is about all I can manage for the rest of the day. Orlando heads off to Sydney in the evening, and I inhale a double portion of meat ravioli with bolognese sauce. I go easy on the parmesan but the damage is done.

Monday and Tuesday I am back on track, and back on the vegetable curry for dinner (it sounds boring but it is delicious). However the exercise situation is now ridiculous and I miss another body pump class. Early autumn hibernation syndrome is kicking in.

I have a bad feeling on weighing-in day, and sure enough I have gained 0.4 kg. I don’t know if it was the excessive alcohol, the pasta overdose or the lack of exercise but I have paid for it.

The girls at the class are really supportive and give me lots of tips to get moving again. My group leader tells me it has now become her mission to get me past goal by the time I fly to Ireland.

After work I take advantage of all this motivational speaking, and the warm sunny evening, to get my trainers on and head down to the beach for a long walk. I loved it. The sun was still warm, the tide was in and the smell of the sea invigorating. An hour later I am back at home feeling right back on track. A fresh Greek salad and some steamed fish and no wine made for a lovely dinner. Now all I need to do is keep this up for another couple of weeks and I am there.


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