week six

Week 6 and I am going strong. The weight is slowly melting away, and I am feeling healthier and fitter than I have for a while.

I made some fabulous home-made bolognese sauce on the Wednesday night (one of the best I have ever made) and it was only 4 points per serving. I made myself slow down and savoured every mouthful.

I spent an exhausting Thursday afternoon giving our little courtyard a makeover, which involved hefting great big bags of sands and white pebbles around for hours. The courtyard looked amazing afterwards, and my exercise calculator showed I had used up an amazing seven points.

Thursday night found us at an impromptu dinner in the Kent Hotel, a well-known gastro-pub, on a hot summer evening. The pasta marinara I ordered could have been a bit spicier, but with no parmesan and one white wine spritzer to wash it down, I stayed within limits. Result.

Then Friday happened. I joined Orlando and some of his workmates for a few drinks after work. This went from the sublime to the ridiculous (see other story) and I ended up in some crowded super-bar downing Jaegermeister shots. What exactly IS Jaegermeister anyway? Total units of alcohol for the night: eleven. Food consumed:  a handful of potato wedges sipped in sour cream. Total for the day: 24. Actually not that bad in fairness.

The weekend constituted yet another challenge. Orlando was doing the Melbourne Summer Cycle, a 40km bike ride, on the Sunday morning. He wanted to carb-load the night before on his favourite, rice and peas and chicken. Now, we don’t know how to serve this dish in a restrained manner in our house. Typically, we cook enough for about six people and eat the lot. I make a vat of gravy and the rice gets soaked in it. The chicken is roasted in its skin and the juices are added to the gravy. This is no longer acceptable.

In the end we made an extremely healthy version of the dish – skinless chicken, and just a tiny amount of gravy made from the juices. I measured out the rice and peas carefully and served myself just this amount. Again, I ate slowly, savouring every mouthful. It was perfect. We had left-overs for dinner the next day. Both days I remained well within limits.

Body pump on Monday night seemed harder than usual. I wonder is that because I only went once last week?  

My trusty vegetable curry saw me through Monday, and our usual chicken stir-fry rounded up the week of dinners.

Wednesday came around and I headed towards the scales. I focused on the fact that this was my “light” week and I was likely to only show a tiny weight loss. But I was clocked at 0.5kg down, bringing my total loss in six weeks to 3.4kg or 7.5lb. I’ve seen babies weighing that.


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