week five

Week four was tough. I worked hard, exercised lots, maintained my points intake, made healthy choices and drank gallons of water.

But, being a woman, I had no control over my  body and the dreaded fluid retention kicked in. I knew this was not diet-related but when I got weighed on Wednesday afternoon I had gained 0.5kg. The rational side of me looked forward to the following week when my progress would look twice as good, but the emotional side of me was devastated.

Luckily I am able to turn my frustration into more motivation, and I focus twice as hard on the regime during week 5.

The weather is sweltering, and the social diary is full, but I persevere. Dinner with Aly on Thursday, after-work drinks for the girls on Friday, Thai food with Sam and Amanda on Saturday: I try to make the right choices, and there is a lot of chilled-soda-water drinking in between the red wine. My online food tracking website doesn’t have all the answers either. Crocodile doesn’t seem to be on the list of things Weight Watchers people eat, and when I looked for monkfish (the nearest thing to crocodile I could think of) they didn’t list that either. So I put it down as pork: I didn’t want to go the “tastes like chicken” route.

I counteract the alcohol drinking and restaurant dining with a good few days of wholesome vegetable curries and salads, and lots of exercise.

Wednesday lunchtime approaches, and I dread the weighing scales. Eventually the moment of truth arrives: I have lost 0.9kg.

Halfway to Easter and I am 100g off my halfway point.



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