week three

After my unambitious weight loss on week two, the WeightWatchers website tells me that I should decrease my intake to 18 points per day. I act immediately.

Body Pump on Wednesday night keeps me motivated. I actually like this class: it makes lifting weights bearable. I catch a glimpse of myself in the wall-long mirror and my body seems to have improved since last week – or is it just wishful thinking?

I continue my imaginative streak in the kitchen. I serve up Thai red curries, Chinese stir-fried pork and other creations. We don’t feel hard done by food-wise.

Then Glenda from work invites me and the girls over on Friday night. And it’s Wine Blogging Wednesday. Time to steel my nerve.

Beforehand I go onto the WW website and calculate how many points there are in one bottle of wine: seven. I figure out how to eat sensibly for breakfast and lunch without expending too many points, and get plenty of exercise in beforehand. Luckily I have a day off that Friday, and get a good hour’s walk in down by the beach.

That evening I inhale a bottle of wine all by myself (enough to almost hospitalise me normally) and eat too little. I try to aim for the healthy stuff but the guacamole, pistachios and Hungarian salami gets me every time. I leave for home at 1.30am and don’t remember the trip home.

Hangover City.

This of course means that I am too queasy to do much damage the next day, and even manage to muster sufficient willpower to choose vegetable soup over a Big Mac as a cure.

Our second dinner date of the weekend is Thai food with Sam and Amanda. My health-conscious choices steered me away from my usual choices on the menu of our local Thai place (fish cakes to start, red curry and pad thai to follow thanks) and I ended up eating some of the most delicious Thai food I have had for a while. And I had a glass or two of Pepperjack Shiraz as a cure too.

Less than 24 hours later we are at lunch with Robyn and Chris near their trendy new St. Kilda pad. How can I be going to WeightWatchers and be eating at a gourmet pizza place? Well, it’s happening, so I choose carefully and go with their prawn pizza. I can’t actually manage any more alcohol at this point, and finish a full bottle of sparkling water alone.

I exercise like my life depends on it for the next few days, and I am rewarded at my Wednesday lunchtime meeting with the princely amount of 1.2kg lost (the weight of a typical laptop). The meeting leader is convinced I am actually not eating enough given my exercise levels, and instructs me to increase my daily intake from 18 points to 20.


At the end of week three, I am exactly 2.5kg (5.5lb) down.


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