your favourite lies

Aren’t you a scurrilous bunch? Again, some of you insisted that you never lie, but here are the highlights of the untruths you routinely trot out.


Pat Scullion: It’s your round again Poppy

Katharine Haines: A big boy did it and ran away

Nick Lawrance: pouring water on cats make them multiply

Annette Doyle: I didn’t hear the phone ringing

Bernard Doyle: I’m not looking forward to turning the big 4-0 next year

Ashling Doyle: One second…

Connor Doyle: It wasn’t me

Paul Curran: pretending I know what I am talking about

Joe Dalton: You’ve lost weight

Mena Doyle: I’ll still love you in the morning

Carmel Bennett: Paul, I really didn’t spend that much!

Sam Evans: Yeah, well thanks (every morning at work to those who ask)

Orlando Gibson: I never lie

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