naughtiest things you’ve ever done

Well don’t I know a freaky bunch of people (and I seem to be related to quite a few too). Many of you were too chicken to reveal the maughtiest thing you’ve ever done, and one or two insisted you had never done anything remotely naughty. Here is what the honest people said.


Aly Sharpe: breaking into the public swimming pool at 2am in tremendous heat to try and cool down

Nick Lawrance: errr, came home from school and drew all over the walls. My girlfriend was livid I’d only been teaching there a couple of weeks

Annette Doyle: obviously not going to tell you – but how about making custard on the cooker when Mammy was out…

Suzanne Parsons: now that would be telling. Mairead will know – she was there.

Bernard Doyle: ………… nude in the Phoenix Park

Ashling Doyle: punched my classmate Mary in the face

Connor Doyle: peeing outside in the front garden!

Fiona Jordan: shoplifting as a teenager

Kelvin Kershaw: thrown pair of shoes over a power line

Paul Curran: given a disgracefully ill-considered talk during a debate for Eng. Day which initially amused but ultimately offended and/or shocked all attending

Kris Ward: danced on a bar with a male stripper

Mena Doyle: run away from home with Eddie Grey

Carmel Bennett: went out with my first cousin for four years

Sam Evans: Master of my Domain (answers on a postcard please)

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