favourite memory

As many of you have not met each other, I thought it might be entertaining for you to see how others view me. Here is how you all remember me:

Pat Scullion: Coming back to Dublin after a year-log break very skinny and very tanned

Aly Sharpe: Traditional Irish dancing at her going away drinks (note from Mairead: I don’t remember this – must have been drink taken)

Katharine Haines: bunking off one Friday and having manicures and wine

Nick Lawrance: an afternoon taking in lovely food, great wine, a gay bar and a record shop

Annette Doyle: walking through arrivals at Dublin Airport from anywhere in the world

Suzanne Parsons: going to San Fransicso with her after three days’ notice and all the fun we had

Eileen Kershaw: too many to mention – maybe matching shirts in Salthill? Red dress with white fur trim at Christmas?

My mum: friends and her doing homework in the kitchen

Bernard Doyle: bringing her to the library every Saturday on the crossbar of my bike when she was little

Ashling Doyle: when we went shopping together

Connor Doyle: the last time she was home in Ireland

Fiona Jordan: sitting with me in Pizza Express in Clapham, with a glass of red wine putting the world to rights

Kelvin Kershaw: telling stories from her sea scout days

Paul Curran: proving that I am an infinitely long solenoid at the back of a Maths Physics tutorial in first year

Kris Ward: the summer she spent with Mick and I – Mick was gone for most of it for work, and it was just the two of us

Joe Dalton: yellow jeans and cog notes

Brian Costello: slinky woollen dress! …No really I’d better be serious!…Showing off with her first job, company car and pad near Leicester. So enthusiastic in those days!

Mena Doyle: sancing on the counter of a tapas bar to show off her new birthday shoes

Carmel Bennett: helping me put on a sari

Sam Evans: at her best at the Slow Food Festival

Amanda Evans: doing the Irish jig at her Bollywood 40th

Orlando Gibson: Mairead relaxing in a beach resort in Cuba


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