back with a vengeance

Yes, I’m back after a lengthy absence, but I guess most of you have seen me in one place or another in October so you all know what I’ve been up to!

After almost exactly a year, it was fantastic to spend a couple of weeks back in Dublin with the family. It was my mother’s 80th birthday so there was plenty to celebrate. Joe, Elva and I also got to celebrate our joint 40th – one just past, and two impending – with a wonderful Thai dinner and a glass or two of red.London, on the other hand, was a blur.

I hardly stopped from the moment I arrived, and was glad of the little sleep I got on the flight back to Aus. Fiona was a gracious hostess, even laying on lunch for my visitors, and I loved getting to know her two daughters Harriet and Lottie all over again.

Thanks to all the LAS crew who came to see me in the Stage Door and beyond on the Thursday night. It was really like old times to be back amongst you again. I did panic when the night was over: it was something I had looked forward to for months and suddenly it was all over. There are no photos yet (am waiting for Huggy) but I am sure there will be one or two memorable ones!

The Friday night was no less enjoyable – twenty more close friends ate, drank and talked the evening away in Mar i Terra. I feel as if I didn’t have enough time to talk for long enough to everybody, but your presence was so much appreciated. Mo, don’t forget the photos!

There are links to the photos of the various nights on the front page so I hope you enjoy going through them.

Finally, congratulations to Lee and Fi on the safe arrival of baby Jake, who completes their trio of beautiful boys. He arrived on 27 October and so joins the ranks of the most powerful beings on earth: Scorpios.

Back here in Melbourne, it has been a hectic but amazing weekend celebrating my Big 4-0 with the Bollywood Movie Stars party on Saturday night. Check out for links to the photo galleries.

Normal service will now be resumed, and I promise more website and blog updates in the coming weeks, including the much awaited Desert Island Discs compilation. To those of you who are still outstanding (you know who you are): GET WRITING!

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