Culture Shock Update


The equivalent Aussie terminology for “like O’Connell Street/Piccadilly” is “as busy as Bourke Street Mall”. Of course, as soon as Aly and Mena pointed this out to me, I remembered it.

Another great phrase I heard in a meeting today (I had to stop the meeting to ask the context!) was “get a guernsey”. The bloke was talking about something being put onto an “urgent” list by a government department, and said we wouldn’t know until later in the month whether it got a guernsey.

What the…?

Apparently, it comes from getting a place on the footy team, i.e. you are definitely on the team so they give you the guernsey (jersey/shirt) but you still don’t know if you will get to play in the game.

Love it.

Car Maintenance

Another thing I have noticed is the water in the car for washing the windscreen. Back in Ireland or England you have to remember to top up the washer water fairly frequently, especially in winter. There is nothing worse than driving through winter rain in bad traffic with mud flying everywhere, and running out of water for the washer.

We have been here almost exactly nine months, and bought a car two weeks after we arrived. I have not topped up the washer water once. The car was serviced one time and maybe the man topped it up then, but one would expect the reservoir to empty a lot more than that. It just doesn’t really rain a lot here, and when it does, it doesn’t seem to turn into a mudbath.

I mean, I haven’t washed the (white) car all winter and I reckon it will be a month or two before it really needs cleaning.


Broadband internet here is less than 10% the speed of Europe. It’s almost quaint waiting for pages to load. That means for every minute it takes you in the UK or Ireland to download something, it takes almost two hours here. Perhaps not so quaint.
Think of me here trying to update these very pages…


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