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I’ve been getting more and more into blogs recently. Being the Queen of Surf (as y’all know I am) my web wanderings have led me to some weird and wonderful places, many of them blogs. I have shared some of my favourites with you below.
Wandering Scribe

This amazing story of a homeless London woman who has been living out of her car since February 2006. Rivetting and inspiring.


Overheard in Dublin

Hilarious postings of comments, stories and sheer stupidity overheard in Dublin. I love it.


Waiter Rant

A New York waiter with a sharp observational eye.


One Red Paperclip

Kyle MacDonald started with one red paperclip on July 12th, 2005 and he is trying to trade it for a house. His current item up for trade is an afternoon with Alice Cooper.


Chase me ladies, I’m in the cavalry

My absolute favourite, mostly because of the wonderful plea in the top right-hand corner: “URGENT! Please send 300kilos of white mice. No time to explain.” Other articles include Which Spice Girl Would You Eat First? And It’s Not My Real Ladder, It’s My Step-Ladder”. Wild.

Boring Like A Drill

“The only authoritative guide to culture” is based somewhere between London and Melbourne, and has lots of great writing, music and other “kulchur” links as well as the blogger’s own stuff.

I Hope You Get Cancer

More London ramblings, this time from a clever lady who intersperses her more mundane stuff with witty social commentary such as “What’s so wrong with Sharia law anyway?” and “Iraq: Mission accomplished”.

The 43                                                                                                      
A great blog by a bloke who would like to be a travel writer but only gets to go to and from work on the no 43 bus from Manchester Piccadilly to Manchester Airport and back. You would not believe what great material he gets from this.

New York Hack

One of the most famous blogs in the world, a female NY cab driver posts photos, philosophical points of view and general observations on a really well-written and compelling blog.

Diary of an Average Australian

Daniel Bowen has been writing about his “average Australian” life for eight years, with nothing too insignificant or momentous to record, from a visit to a suburban Chinese restaurant, all the way up to a poignant entry on the birth of his first child.

Big White Guy

Adventures of Randall , a Canadian writer and photographer living in Hong Kong. Amusing anecdotes and fabulous photos.

London Calling

Ramblings of a gay metrosexual London bloke buying a new motorbike, watching DVDs on his PSP on the tube,  compaining about crap Costa baristas and the like. Bitchy in parts but entertaining.

I ain’t no Bridget Jones

Girly chat about everything from squeezy Marmite tubs to cocktails.

Hungbunny – Fisting your ears with my nose

Sometimes hilarious bursts of fun: Britney Spears’ birthing sculpture (“Abort! Abort!”, Burberry mopeds and horse’s head cushions.

Sunshine & Chocolate                                                                                   
Very lightweight (like my own wanderings!) but good in a Howyah Magazine-type way. Transcripts of text conversations, Harry Potter obsessions and minutiae of life abound.


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