Mairead’s Christmas Survival Tips

  • Stuck for a present for the man/woman who has everything?
  • Cookery Crisis?
  • Worried how to get through a crucial Christmas visit without offending anyone?

Find all your answers here! This year I am sharing all my Christmas secrets with you, to make sure we all have comfort AND joy!

Christmas Cards
A good way to give to charity easily is to buy charity Christmas cards and gifts. Buy online at:

Cancer Research UK
St. Luke’s Hospital, Dublin

If you are truly stuck and can’t think of anything to get the sister/partner/mate who has everything, try some of these life-saving websites: – CDs, DVDs etc. at rock-bottom prices – TV, hifi, computers and gadgets – make gifts out of digital photos – designer fashion, grooming and more – when you REALLY need inspiration! – beautiful undies – weekends away, flights, interesting “red letter” days

Deck The Halls
These great websites will find you the perfect table settings, Christmas decorations and everything else you need for the best Christmas parties ever: – table settings for special occasions – the best trees delivered to your door – gifts and ideas – any culinary crisis fixed! – the best kitchenware website in the world – order a fresh turkey online – specialist cheeses for home or gifts – good deals on bulk-buying of wine
Borough Market – London’s larder – the very best of British fresh food
NHS Direct – for when it all goes wrong!!!!

Another great number to keep by the phone is the Turkey Hotline – they will help you with all your turkey-roasting problems, right up until 5pm on Christmas Eve. What a great service!!! Call 0800 783 9994.

How come, even when we have all these satellite channels, there is never anything on TV except Chitty Chitty Bang Bang or Die Hard 45? Here are some tricks to keep you entertained without leaving the house: – all your TV listings in the one place – sign up for their free trial and get your DVDs by post!

Good Manners
There is no excuse for good manners, and Christmas is a great time to dust off your old-fashioned gentility. Why not actually write thank-you notes this Christmas for all your lovely pressies? And don’t forget that Christmas is only one of the feasts of the holiday season – some of your friends will be celebrating Hannukah or Kwanzaa.

Learn how to act appropriately at your office Christmas party, or how to be the perfect houseguest.

Check out – it will teach you all this and more!

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