Thursday 14 July 2005

Noon on Thursday 14 July 2005. It is difficult to believe that a week has passed already since the bombings last week.

The entire staff of London Ambulance Service HQ stand together outside the building while our chaplain says a few words. Twelve o’clock arrives and it seems like the whole city has come to a complete stand-still.  I can see people congregated outside other buildings alongside us. One woman, a passer-by, has literally stopped where she was in the middle of the street to observe the national two minutes’ silence. It was an extremely sombre and very moving moment.

When the two minutes are over, our chaplain starts reading out a prayer he has written for the occasion. Suddenly, from across the road, we hear somebody from the crowd outside a neighbouring building shouting “Three cheers for the Ambulance Service!” and the people cheered. We stood with our heads still bowed, humbled by the strength of feeling and the good wishes coming towards us from these ordinary Londoners. A moment later, one of their number walked across the street and broke into our circle. “I am from across the road”, he said, his voice breaking with emotion. “We just wanted to say thank you. Thanks for everything.”

I wept.

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