Friday 8 July 2005

Yesterday was tough. The incident started when the top 100 managers at LAS were congregated at a nearby football ground (Millwall) so at least the response was quick.

I was on gold control at HQ (sounds infinitely more exciting than it was) which involved running up and down from gold control in our conference room to my office to the Chief Executive’s office, and scribbling lots on my white board and on my incident log.

We deployed lots of non-emergency patient transport vehicles to support the A&E staff, and we were still working at 11.30pm last night. A lot of the time it was a bit boring and tedious, but it felt good to be doing something useful in the face of such terrible events.

We lived on strong coffee, Lucozade, badly-heated-up sausage rolls and fish and chips later in the evening. Not exactly healthy, but we didn’t care!

Today we have had the clean-up and the hand-shaking. This photo is of one of my PTS staff greeting the Duchess of Cornwall at St. Mary’s Hospital this morning. And I got to meet Tony and Cherie Blair this evening!

I was so proud to be working for this organisation yesterday. I was proud to be living in London yesterday.

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