the big (egg) vote

One of the most controversial issues being discussed here in Aus with our visiting friends invariably raises its head around breakfast time.

What is the correct procedure regarding eggs and beans in your breakfast?

20 votes

  1. Avoid contact at all costs. Build a barrier from sausages, hash browns, toast or other acceptable interface food. 35%
  2. Enthusiastically chop and mix eggs and beans together, ensuring full amalgamation before consuming. 0%
  3. Keep them on separate plates or simply don’t order one of the two to guarantee no contamination. 20%
  4. Relax, allow the bean juice and runny egg yolk to do what they wish and wonder what all the fuss is about. 45%

It appears that there are clear opposing views on the difficult subject of eggs and beans with your full English/Irish/Aussie breakfast. Can they touch? Are your eggs contaminated if they are swimming in bean juice? Should you strive to build a barrier from toast, sausage or another suitable breakfast food?

This is one of the thorniest issues facing civilization in the 21st century. I thank you for your input.

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