candolim restaurants

Bon Appetit is right down at Sinquerim, beside the big Fort Aguada five-star hotel. You can walk down the beach in the evening towards Bon Appetit –you will see their beach entrance clearly once you are beside the Fort Aguada. It is a lovely place to sit and watch the waves at night, under the coconut palms with a gin and tonic in your hand. My favourite restaurant of all.

Stone House is towards the southern end of Candolim. It is a lovely laid-back place which plays excellent jazz and blues. Oh, and the DJ is pretty cute. Food is great and you can watch the world go by on the road below. A good place after a busy day.

Mango Grove is in the central part of Candolim and is a great meeting place for drinks or breakfast.

Silver Sands – Sheetal restaurant is a wonderful traditional Indian restaurant, right at the bottom of the beach road.

Hakka Fu Chow is up near Candolim market and football ground. Don’t be put off by its appearance – it looks like a shanty town thrown up at the roadside! Inside you will get the most wonderful Chinese and Vietnamese food cooked by an excellent chef. Late at night you will see all the local workers popping in for their dinner on their way home after work – you can’t get a better recommendation than that!

Viva Goa is further north on the right on the way out of Cancolim on the main road. Again it is a locals’ place but the food is sublime and really cheap – and you can buy your own booze at the shop next door!

Goldeneye restaurant is opposite the Goan Heritage Hotel, which is well sign-posted off the main road between Candolim and Calangute. It is a lovely quiet restaurant specialising in seafood (the seafood platter is excellent value). After dinner you can walk a few paces to the beach and have a nightcap in the Flying Dolphin bar.


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