candolim beach shacks

Candolim is one of the main resorts of North Goa. It is about an hour’s drive from the airport and a little way north of the capital, Panjim (Panaji). 

Beach Shacks

Every year at the end of the season all the shacks are dismantled to allow the beach to go back to its natural state during the monsoon. They are built all over again in October for the new tourist season. These are some of the long-standing shacks, but now and again they will be built in a slightly different place the next year, so just keep walking until you see the one you are looking for.

Go onto the beach at the Holiday Beach Resort, which is at the bottom of the road opposite Canara Bank on the main street. 

You will see Jacksons Shack on the right – great for breakfast. Mary, the owner, is a formidable lady who will listen to what you order and then give you what she wants to serve. She does a mean banana pancake.

A couple of shacks to the left is Bobby’s shack. He does the most unbelievable calamari stew in the world. It has to be tasted to be believed. Bobby’s food is legendary, and I also recommend his butter garlic prawns, chicken chilli fry and pakoras. Visit Bobby’s Shack website here!

Follow the beach on down to the left, and about 5 or 6 shacks along you will see Club 21. NOT 21 Coconuts beside it. Club 21 usually has a reddish carpet running up to it from the sunbeds. This is the best shack in Goa, run by co-owners Raju , Sagar and their silent partner Nilesh, known only as “Manager”!

Here you will get excellent coffee, great and safe-to-eat salads, and lots more. I have personally eaten everything on the menu and can’t recommend it enough. The other shacks generally have the same menu but Raju “inherited” the shack from its original German owners and it really is different.

See the Club 21 page for more about the great hangout.

A little further south along the beach is Stringfellos, or Denis’ shack. Denis is a sweetie, and always knows the best clubs to go to! Please note that beside Club 21 is another shack called Cosy Nook Stringfellos which is NOT Denis’ shack (it is a really long story!). CNS is run by Daya and is quieter but also a nice place to hang out.

Stringfellos and Club 21 are good places for a lone woman to hang out in too, as they really look after their customers and you won’t get hassled by sellers or even other tourists. They will even escort you home along the beach with a torch if you stay too late!

Other shacks include:

Vincent’s shack – the best French toast in town

Spotty’s shack – good for a late night drink as it is just off the beach road. Spotty and his crew are lovely.

Frank Zappa’s shack – a legendary place from the 60s which is now quite tame but good for a sunset drink


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