places to visit without necessarily eating

You can check these places out either online or in real life – here are some links to some of my favourite places in London. – vote for the next work of art to be installed on the empty plinth on Trfalgar Square. – an amazing stretch of the river from Westminster to London Bridge, taking in the London Eye, the Dali Museum, the National Theatre, The National Film Theatre, the Tate Modern and the Royal Festival Hall, not to mention great places to eat like the Oxo Tower and the People’s Palace. – the excellent website for the Tate Galleries in St. Ives, Liverpool and London. My favourite at the moment is the Tate Modern on the South Bank, right beside where I work. – the world famous Royal Institution has its home just off Piccadilly. Our generation will know it best for the much-loved Faraday Christmas Lectures, started many years ago by Faraday himself to bring a love of science to young people. The RI have lots of events including weekly lectures. Admission is £12 (it’s best to book) and the topics are varied. Go on – educate yourself! – I don’t care if you are not interested in musty Egyptian artefacts – just go to the British Museum to marvel at the beautiful covered square in the middle called the Great Court. The huge round Reading Room is also spectacular. – the world-famous Kew gardens are a fantastic place to visit any time of year. The huge glasshouses are amazing to wander around, but our favourite corner is the big pagoda and tranquil Japanese garden. Visit now to see the 10th annual orchid festival.


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